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  1. ejwbutler says:

    Mine would have to be “my take on Depression” I tried to write about what it we like for me to suffer.

    The response and the outpouring I got from strangers was so heartwarming… For a second I wasn’t a sufferer, but a survivor!

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  2. BenjiManGrant says:

    Mine is

    Sorry Is All That You Can Say, Years Gone By And Still, Words Don’t Come Easily Like Sorry. –

    This is actually a post from one of my least positive days. Ironically, considering the message of the post is about lack of attention and feeling the need for more support, this post received my most views do far.

    I think it’s important in our stories and honesty to share the good and bad days.

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    • Dee says:

      That was a phenomenal post that resonated with me for several reasons but first, you write exquisitely! Having said that, I experienced the exact same emotions when not one single person shared something for me. My head was a p,ethical of emotions from anger to extreme sadness. Finally, you use many of my personal “buzz” words such as hubris!

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      • BenjiManGrant says:

        I am so glad sharing my words can resonate with other people like yourself. It is so kind of you to take the time out to read it and share in my tales.

        Now I have an internal challenge to write words that might give you the buzz. You will have to let me know If i happen upon any of them.

        I hope you have enjoyed a lovely weekend and a nice week ahead.


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      • BenjiManGrant says:

        It’s like 10000 spoons when all I need is…Actually 10000 spoons would be really good

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    • Dee says:

      Love yourself Lucy. Defining one’s sexuality is merely a choice, a path to fulfillment. It doesn’t define you but rather enhances.

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  3. This post is about how often those with mental illness feel the negative (sometimes positive) association with the disease. After my therapy session I collected all the descriptive words we used and created a word cloud. The most significant thing I feel is that when asked when is the last time we felt said associated a words, all responses were in the last few days.

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  4. C.G.Siggins says:

    I love to write fiction of all kinds. Comics, short stories, and a long one I’ve been working on for a while. But I have to say my favorite post is a poem I wrote nearly five years ago:

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  5. I don’t know if I’d call this my ‘Best’ post, it’s certainly not the most popular (not because it was bad but because I posted it at a time when no one was online reading), but it’s my personal favorite post. It came with a realization that while I had been calling my anxiety a ‘bitch’ that I was inadvertently calling myself that as well (therefore further putting myself down and feeding my self-loathing), so I renamed my anxiety as a ‘witch’. Anxiety casts spells over people, making them feel they’re in danger when they aren’t or having them see things that aren’t really there. I was really proud of this post, I’m not going to say it’s my best post, but it’s definitely one of my favorites.

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  6. The Daytime Renegade says:

    This got the most views, so I’m counting it as “best.” It’s a review is Scott Adams’ book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big:

    As far as best, I’m particularly proud of this one: Nine Lessons from the Law You can Apply to Your Life:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share these!

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  7. Thanks for this opportunity! My best blog post is one about Boundaries. I feel like it offered helpful, practical information. I got a lot of great feedback on it. Boundaries is a common therapy concept, but it takes a long time to actually put it into action. This post captures life changing lessons I learned in therapy, read about from some of the best counselors, and learned on my own.

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  8. I love when you give us these opportunities to connect and discover each other! Thank you, thank you!

    My most popular blog post is called “Make it Last Forever.” It’s to inspire you to enjoy every moment of life.

    My best/personal favorite is called “Sparks.” It’s about finding my place in this dating world and accepting my fate. 🙂

    Please, check them out! 🙂

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  9. Because there seems to be a constant stream of news about war — little ones, fear of the big one — I think what I posted on February 11, 2015 continues to provoke pondering. See “War: What is it good for?” on Thanks for your interest!

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  10. Ashleena says:

    My most popular post is about some advice that my momma would always give me whenever I got upset. However my favorite was one that I wrote when I first started. It was about ten techniques to live a happier life.

    If you want your day’s spoonful of honey and joy come check my blog out at

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  11. Klea says:

    Hi Eric,

    I had written a few blogs before I wrote the one that really helped me clear my mind and get a lot of things ‘out’ … the one I am talking about is “My Family Tree” … It is very long but explains how I got to where I am now … A Narc Survivor sometimes needs to get everything out of their system before they can go forward and I personally found that writing that blog, gave me that power I needed to walk forward and not go backwards as many times as I used to …

    Take care xxx

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  12. Hey Make it Ultra!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share a link to my best post.

    This little recipe of mine recently went viral on Pinterest and has since been shared over 800 times. It’s a sneaky recipe, full of superfoods that you can’t even taste. I prepare it for my two year old who hasn’t hopped on the vegetable train yet. Not only is it nutritious, but it’s also delicious. Enjoy and thanks again!

    Creamy Avocado Spinach Pasta

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  13. Viral T. says:

    Hi Eric,
    My most popular was The Day I Visited A South Indian Temple. I took a lot of pictures of the external architecture since taking photos inside was prohibited. I love a good adventure where I am free to take as many pictures as possible.
    I love coming here every now and then when I want to get away from the hustle and bustle of my hometown. It’s a bit of a drive but definitely worth it.

    Take care!

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  14. I’m still a newbie to blogging so my blog is just a baby yet but here is my most popular post so far about all the annoying things that happen when travelling:

    However, my favourite post that I’ve written so far is an exercise in gratitude called ’99 Things I love in 2016

    Hope you enjoy and thanks for the opportunity to share x

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  15. judithreid says:

    Thank you Eric for this opportunity to share and read other’s posts. My best blog recently was “10 things I have learnt about grief”. I lost my mother in 2015 and one year on, I felt the need to write about what I had learnt. I was amazed at the interest which it produced and I had lots of lovely comments from people, saying how much it had helped them. The post can be found at
    I shall share this blog post too as it’s such a lovely idea.

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  16. free2bme27 says:

    Thanks for another opportunity to share! I have many that came from the heart including the first two that started it all. However, I’d like to share the one that helped give me closure. Someone commented that it was one of the most heartfelt posts they had read. It wasn’t my most popular, but I’m glad I wrote it. Thanks again for allowing us to share!
    I Remember… – free2bme27

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  17. We’re new here 🙂 , and we’re just getting started.
    We have few blogposts but it would mean the world to us if you check them out and give suggestions on how to improve the quality of our posts.
    Check out and leave feedback, and please, give us criticism on how we can get better 🙂

    – Maria

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  18. Ashley says:

    This is awesome! Thank you so much for encouraging us to share here! My best post according to WordPress is this one about my first half marathon:
    But one of my favorite posts is the one I wrote a couple days before my last birthday, this one:
    Hope everyone enjoys! I love writing on my blog and love feedback as I’m sure we all do!

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  19. Fortune's Expensive Smile says:

    Hello Eric,

    Thanks for the opportunity to share and read all these other fine bloggers. Great stuff all around!

    Sharing a link to the most popular piece on my blog. It’s called “The Walmart Rose” and I am not sure why it resonated with so many people. I have put far more time into my latest post (as well as others). But this is a poem written directly after a small breakup when you’re feeling dejected, or angry… maybe a little hurt. I hope you and others enjoy. Please feel free to take a look around. I’m very proud of my latest piece too.

    The Walmart Rose:


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  20. velmadunkin says:

    I’m embarrassed to post this blog however it’s my most popular blog. This man brought so much suffering in to my life as I fought cancer. Emotional abuse exists. I experienced it. I’m a survivor. I’m surviving cancer and the suffering this crazy nut brought in to my life. Please don’t judge me. We all are blinds by love at some point in our life. I know I was

    Ron Rodriguez – SF Retired Firefighter 5-10-15 | fiercefabulousfunny

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  21. My most popular post so far was rather surprising to me. I had resisted writing any more about one of several autoimmune illnesses I have because I thought people would not want to hear about it, yet it continues to have the most views of any post on any topic. Here is the link to :”Oh how I wish I was oblivious”:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share here, and to everyone else who is posting links as I am intrigued by your stories.

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  22. DMGbyrnes says:

    First, thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to taking a look at at some of these.

    I would have no idea how to judge my “best” anything, but the most popular post by the numbers, is my Veteran’s Day tribute from last year where I included a true story I wrote a few years ago about a man I once knew the brief year I lived in CA called “A Man Named Art”

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  23. Kezia says:

    I wanted to edit my comment by adding Thank You Eric but then I could not find it. So just gonna swoop in and drop this “Thank You Note”. And we love your Blog. We enjoy reading the posts.Keep up the blessed work.

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  24. maotribe says:

    Here is a link to my most popular post. I decided to share my struggle with mental illness by first sharing that I suffered from depression, but then I realized in order to be genuine I needed to fully disclose my bipolar diagnosis. It was well received and was the turning point in motivating me to continue to share without holding back for fear of being judged and I haven’t turned back!

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  25. Reblogged this on The Current Collective and commented:
    BIG thanks to Eric at Make-It-Ultra-Psychology for the opportunity and great idea! The online mental health community is one of the most generous and supportive places. Such a privilege to be a part of it. I look forward to your blog posts!

    -Amanda, The Current Collective

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  26. makupsy says:

    This is a really awesome idea!

    I wrote this blog post after coming to terms with breaking up with the father of my child. It wasn’t easy to show my vulnerable side but it helped me to get past a lot of hurt and anger I was keeping inside me. It got a lot of views, comments and shares and I hope more people will read it and realise that whatever heartache you experience, in good time you will get over it.

    Have an awesome day ahead 🙂

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  27. annicaaktiv says:

    Reblogged this on Naturfoton and commented:
    Thank you for the invitation and this is a great way to reach out with different messages in the world … fun, truth and less good things happening in the world / annica active

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  28. Hannah says:


    my best post I think by far is called the ‘D-Day’. Although it hasn’t received any comments, I am hoping someone will comment on it and let me know what they think of it. It was the hardest post to write. Actually its part of my book. It talks about my experiences in the hospital from when my contractions started to the moment that they told me my son has died to giving birth to him 4 days later (all the while being in labour for 4 days with no pain relief). I would like to know if it reads well, and if it evokes the emotions well… You can read the post here:

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity Eric to share our blog posts 🙂

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  29. motherofallcurves says:

    What a fabulous way of giving bloggers an additional platform to share their work – thank you.

    My most successful is a post that I wrote in the hope to provide positivity and support to bottle feeding parents. It’s a topic very close to my heart as I was a mother who was physically unable to breastfeed and felt terrible judgement and guilt for bottle feeding my son.

    The response, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, has been overwhelming! A campaign now started, and many mothers thanking me for speaking out on a topic that appears to be quite taboo in the parenting world!!

    Please have a read if you get a moment – and please do join in the campaign if you resonate with my story!

    Many thanks 💕🍼 X

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  30. wieckling says:

    Hi everyone, My most popular post was one that I wrote about an Australian charity ‘dreams2live4.’ They were having an upcoming ball to help with fundraising so I thought I’d share my experiences. They grant ‘dreams’ for people living with metastatic cancer and my 19 year son at the time was granted 2 dreams while going through the toughest period in his life. I hope you enjoy it, as I know so many people have enjoyed this charity as it produces smiles in hard times. You can find it on

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  31. MyQ2Life says:

    Hi guys. I’m honored to join all of you on this platform. Thank you for this opportunity. My blog has really turned into my creative outlet. I’m pretty new on the blogging scene, but I’ll share two of my favorites here.

    How I Became a Ninja…or so the story goes

    GPS says turn where??? You’ve got to be kidding!

    I look forward to reading so many posts in this thread. Have a great one!

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  32. Nina says:

    Hello Eric!

    Thank you for this avenue to share our posts. May I share 2 posts? 🙂

    “Live Happier. Here’s HOW.” is my top post and the one where I got the most compliment for writing.

    “What I learned from children” is one of my favorites. This is the 5th post that I’ve written in my blog and the one that I truly enjoyed writing.

    I hope the readers will enjoy them. Thanks again.

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  33. Hi Eric, This is a great blog and a great platform you are creating here to unite the blog community. Two of my more recent post that people have liked are

    Five things walking a pilgrimage taught me

    and Why English speakers should learn another language.

    Thanks and I will be following your blog from now.

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  34. sumyanna says:

    I just started my blog, so I haven’t gotten that many popular posts yet, but my favorite is:

    It is a poem and I guess the reason I like it is because it depicts how I like to see things. I, like everyone else, get down at times. However, I always try to hold on to hope – and I always try to remain amazed by all the beauty that surrounds me. It is truly how I cope.

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  35. cinnamon4789 says:

    One of my best blog posts was one I just wrote recently called Cinnamon: Don’t Go on Vacation Without Me! It was about my dog Cinnamon. My family and I had just finished packing our luggage before we went on a trip to Ohio for a week and she was so depressed she didn’t want us to go! Then, when we picked her up again at a pet resort she was so excited to see us she was bouncing around the room! I loved writing about it! So, I’m glad that so many people enjoyed it! I always want to leave a smile of people’s faces!

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  36. My blog is about doing one new thing every day

    Thirty years ago I had a friend who wrote a letter to me every single day for almost two years, then she abruptly stopped. It was probably because I never wrote a single word in reply. On July 5, 2016, I replied. This was very emotionally empowering for me. Her name was Audrey, and here is the link:

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  37. Zaiyd says:

    Hey there! I don’t wanna talk much because if I’ll start then there’d be another 999+ words occupying this space :p
    Sharing my last 2 posts:

    Most recent one..very short:-

    Not the best ones..there are other few posts..But
    Honestly , like everybody..even I know I can do better! Just a little help from you awesome writers and I always beg for suggestions and tips!
    Do tell me if something’s wrong and
    If ya like it..Do tell me! 😀

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  38. This is a poem that I wrote a few weeks ago. It’s a poem that embraces its messiness and I like that. I had randomly agreed to go on a road trip with a bunch of people I didn’t know and found myself pausing in moments and observing. Later I wrote down bursts of memories and feelings I had, culminated in this mess of a poem. Enjoy and please let me know what you think!

    Messiness is a Virtue: A Poem –

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    • MyQ2Life says:

      This sounds intriguing. I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing. It’s great to get to see so many talented people and connect.

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  39. lddegroff says:

    Changing habits is one of the hardest things to do. Especially keeping those good habits once you’ve made the change. I see it like we’re climbing a mountain of good habits. It’s a huge mountain to climb and we’re going to slip up. We’re going to fall. My goal is for you to find your ice axe. Read more here

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  40. lostpropertyrepository says:

    Having not been doing this blogging thing for too long I don’t have a huge readership, it is growing thanks sites like this though.

    I don’t get a lot of comments on my posts but going by stats alone my most popular post has been the daily prompt for the word “guest” where I wrote about the unwanted guest no body wants, the evil guest in our head.

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  41. Emily @ Emily's Table of Contents says:

    If you were to compare the number of views, likes and comments on all of my posts, this is not my ‘best’ post. This post still have a fair amount of views and likes when you look at all of my posts.

    The post A Letter to Little Me is probably the post that means the most to me. I am proud of if and as far as quality it is my best, I also think that it is a good representation of where my blog is going.

    To summarize the post, I wrote a letter to an 8 year old version of myself. I inform her of all the key negative events that will happen to her in the upcoming future. I offered her advice on how she could handle things a bit differently, but I also told her that I do not have any regrets with how things turned out. I told her that there was a lot of good and fun times in store for her but never said what because that would spoil the fun of it all.

    I honestly think that this post is my ‘best’ post because it’s real. It’s me, and the post helped me figure out what I want to blog about: life. So yeah, I hope you guys decided that A Letter to Little Me is worth your while and click the link!

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      • Emily @ Emily's Table of Contents says:

        Thank you. I don’t know how I could blog if I weren’t being authentic. It would seem wrong and I would somehow feel like I’m being fake if I didn’t make posts like this.

        One thing that I am starting to realize is that writing and talking about my life is helping sort through things… y’know?

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        • MyQ2Life says:

          I understand that all too well. So much has transpired within my own life as I’ve started writing. It’s definitely my creative outlet, but it also seems to have unlocked a creative portion of myself that I hadn’t allowed to surface and be visible for the world. This has happened in areas in addition to writing. It’s been so refreshing.

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  42. mujtaba says:

    from poetry it would be this one:

    and from my writing one’s (don’t worry, it comedic) it would probably be :

    i personally hold a lot of passion for every little bit that I have blogged, so it’s kinda hard and unfair to make me choose 😛
    thanks for the opportunity though.

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  43. I have always wondered why the best things in life are free yet people don’t take up the offer. Like resharing this. Or simply enjoying the scenic beauty of my city, Cape Town. You can see a few pictures on my blog. People rather spend money to sit inside buildings with no views, or watch gory stuff on television. Play stupid electronic games that brings out the worst in people. Nature outside is offering its beauty but lazy asses can’t walk ten yards to view it. I grew up loving nature, became a cripple 22 years ago but regained full mobility by March 2016 through a miracle healing. So I know what it is like to be incarcerated with only a TV set as company. I find it better to reach out to others via the Internet, to add value to others’ lives. This is why I love the positive, constructive energy of your blog this much.
    My best post explains how the best in life is free, just like Linux, yet most choose to suffer. Most want to be enslaved, incarcerated. It doesn’t make any sense. Read about it here Thank you for the opportunity.

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  44. michaeljfite says:

    I have a lot of good inspiration and motivation that anyone can read on. I would say that perhaps my best blog post is: Why Should You Always Look Up?

    This post will get you to see that there is more to see when you are looking up at someone or something versus looking down. Feel free to check it out at:

    I hope you enjoy this and feel free to read some of my other content while you are at it! I hope to make you a fan of mine!

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    • I hit enter before leaving a description! This is the beginning to a journal that I wrote while working and travelling the remotest parts of the Australian outback. It’s unedited, and 100% true. I hope you enjoy it

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  45. Greta says:

    Hello, I feel like I am joining this when a lot already happened, but never mind. I am Greta, I write and love photography. I started writing (for the public) about my travels, and only very recently I had the push to publish what so far I had been keeping for myself. Also, traveling makes me extremely happy. Here is a link if you to take a peek!
    Have a great day!

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  46. Chic-Soles says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to post on your blog! I own a female footwear blog and my best post would be “MANOLO’s Hangisi KnockOff Trail”. Here’s a link to it: . Please don’t forget to leave your comments and thoughts about the post. Thanks!

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  47. Please allow me to post my very best, in terms of accurate research and a better understanding than most. I really dislike negativity but reality has a way of making its presence known. We, as the proactive, positive people, should see something like this as an opportunity to effect change, instead of ignoring it in the hope that it will go away by itself. It is us who have the mindset, the skills and the resources to improve things so that this world can become a better place. I am an incurable enthusiast who believes that Truth liberates; once we cut things open to the bone and air the gangrene, it will die off. Here goes

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  48. Hi there! I have two posts I’d like to share. One is my first post ever! It’s my favorite because hats the day I decided to open. Used up to everyone about my anxiety. The second is when I finally was off of Zoloft for my anxiety and I was super super excited! I explained how therapy was helping me instead. Hope you enjoy! ☺️

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  49. Be Healthy says:

    Hi Eric! I write for a scientific blog where my most popular articles are. The biggest blockbuster ever so far with over 8k FB shares and while we could trace twitter counts it was even a higher number there is this article: there are loads of comments on it as well and after some naturopath commented on it advertising their chelation (not FDA approved) comment, the FDA released an angry note so even the FDA is following it closely.

    From my own blog, the most popular is hard to tell since twitter removed all its counting… but in terms of view and FB shares, this is the winner:

    Thanks for the share!

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  50. kriztal34 says:

    Not really sure still new to this I invite you all to check out my blogs and you can be the judge

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  51. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share and meet other bloggers in the community. My blog focuses on wellness and travel and I just started a new blog series as part of my gratitude project called ‘Ten Happy Things’, which I am really enjoying writing and sharing. One of my most popular posts lately has been a travel piece I wrote on my recent trip to Dubai. Links are below, hope you enjoy! x

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  52. My most popular post was catered to folks in their 20s who aren’t what society deems to be the prototypical “leader”. It highlights what leadership  means in our world, and suggests a few things that might qualify them as a leader and a person of value that they might not yet see in themselves.

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  53. cameronB says:

    I love this post I thought about writing randomly one day when I was day dreaming about my future one day. It didn’t get very many views for some reason. Maybe because it’s fairly long. I just loved how in detail I got about things I couldn’t wait for in my future.

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  54. blackgirldown says:

    Hey mines would be sharing my true life walk with depression and PTSD! I share the good, bad, and the ugly of this disease. Check me out!

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  55. STARTUPwithHARMONY says:

    Hello everyone!
    Thank you for this, really love it. So many awesome blogs.
    Quite new but my blog is specially for business startups. I enjoy developing startup businesses and helping small business owners. Check my blog if you are a startup entrepreneur thankful !

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    • Diana says:

      Loved this post! The Labraun (oops if spelled wrong) story was a great way to bring it all together. I didn’t know that about him. I don’t follow sports at all, but I did learn of him, when watching the movie; Trainwreck.

      I find it most inspiring when famous (and rich) people grow personally from the life and they too get hit hard by what life brings. It is their human-ness that brings me to awe.

      Thank you for sharing.

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      • Thank you for the kind words! I agree – it’s inspiring to see celebrities overcome personal obstacles; it helps to remind us that they’re human, too.

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  56. ribbonrx says:

    Hello everyone! I just started my blog in July, with the goal to raise awareness about the various chronic illnesses I have and the stigmas surrounding them. My most popular post, Pelvic Pain Beyond Endo, is an educational post of other causes of pelvic pain besides endometriosis. I am blown away by its viewership of almost 2300 hits since it was published in July!

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  57. jarredgreatness2016 says:

    Your mind is a powerful thing when you fill it with positive thoughts.
    Knowing & redirecting the mindset to where it needs to be is our focus.
    Also to bring Great things going on in your life to our page to share & comment.
    Thank you & give my best friend & I a checking out @Dejah414

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  58. Polly says:

    Thank you for this chance to share. My poem ‘Fish Market’ was a response to the heat, dryness and bustle of a North African country contrasted to the damp mystery of a Welsh Autumn. It also seemed to be a way of cleansing some issues and feelings I had quite literally got bogged down in. Please feel free to feed back. Even if poetry is not your ‘thing’ I hope you can take something from it.

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  59. The first entry about my near death experience is the most popular entry on my blog.

    However, the second one is about the 28 day all organic fresh fruit and vegetable cleanse recommended by Anthony William in Medical Medium. I had a lot of pain from two different autoimmune disorders, and my pain has drastically reduced. I hope this plan might help others too.

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  60. I also thought I would share my latest blog piece which is a letter from God to all people, but especially to empaths and sensitive souls who have been hurt on this life journey. It hopefully give comfort and reminds us that forgiveness helps us remember how amazing we are to have survived all that we have survived and to honor this part of ourselves. This piece had the most views in a single day.

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  61. See It’s one of the most popular poems on my site. The true story behind it involves me being trapped in an abusive relationship for oven ten years, finally breaking free from the relationship & finding my true love but then having my ex run away with my daughter & make up lies about me to try & keep her from me. It took me a year to win in Court & get my daughter back. Quite the marathon but thankfully I got there in the end. Painful journey but now I have both a beautiful daughter & a lovely fiancee.

    Anyway, I hope that some of you will check out my site & Follow me there. Lots of poetry & stories.

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  62. Monique Ari says:

    Hey, guys! Here is a link to my latest post 5 Things I Wish I Knew About Senior Year. I really hope you guys check it out and enjoy it. It is about things that I now know about senior year that I wish I already knew so I could have prepared myself.

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  63. MakeItUltra™ says:

    please add a description for readers to know what they will be reading


  64. mNaiha says:

    Thank you for the opportunity once again. I loved reading some of these blogs – there’s so many, I don’t think I’ll ever get to all.
    I loved this letter I once wrote and well maybe timing or something didn’t bring any attention to it.
    I’d like for guys here to check it out maybe? comment perhaps to let meknow how you find it?

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  65. deegratitude says:

    Hello to all!

    My blog is still new only 6 months. I write about my own good and challenging experiences and outcomes in my life, specially on the last 10 years leaving in the United States. How I learned and have grown 😊
    Thank you Eric for the opportunity to promote our blogs! Shared on my blog your post..

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  66. In this last month of my year-long Positivity Project, I am doing a year in review of all the Principles of Positivity in the style of The Twelve Days of Christmas, where I have 31 days of positivity exercises that I’m asking readers to participate in, and bloggers to create their own pages linking them to mine. Please share the link to my “Thirty-One Days Of December French Hens & Turtle Doves Positivity Song”

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  67. The post on which has received the most comments is <a href=";.
    There’s a lot of mis-understanding about what it means to follow Jesus Christ… and this post stresses the key facet of building a strong, deep relationship with God the Creator and Christ the Savior.

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  68. Thanks much for creating this community of wonderful bloggers! The post that’s closest to my heart is on the relationship between nutrition and depression, just one of the reasons people suffer. I hope to eradicate the self-blame that often comes with suffering from depression. It is a disorder, not a weakness in character.

    Thanks again, Eric! Blessings.

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  69. Hi there!

    My name is Sharon, and I would love to share one of my favourite blogs that I’ve recently written. It’s titled “Is Happiness Really The Best Revenge?”

    Many of my blogs include people I’ve PERSONALLY interviewed, who have been through grief, depression, PND, domestic violence etc. I also have written blogs that may help inspire others.

    I hope you enjoy reading them, and hopefully can help anyone who wants to know that they’re not alone.


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  70. Yep, I’m here again … but this post is from my OTHER blog. I figured I was allowed to submit two post suggestions if each one was from a different blog albeit both mine — they have a different flavor and style. Seriously.

    Here’s a post about how I talk about being childless and my acceptance of such:

    Anyway, I know I have to scroll through and read so many of the above post links because who wouldn’t want to miss the best of your best?!?

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  71. Mine would have to be ‘the importance of writing a diary’. I believe it is vital to your mental health in terms of releasing and working through your thoughts and feelings. It’s also a great tool to look back on and see how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned. I also love to look back and laugh at some of the things I used to get upset about when I was younger. They seem so trivial now! Boys and dramas eh!

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  72. ​The Fingerprints of Mom

    My mother’s eulogy, posted in honor of all mothers everywhere.

    Look at your hands — not the backs, but the palm-side.  Do you notice the lines and whorls on the fingertips?  Your fingerprints — think about them for a moment.  Everywhere you go, you leave evidence of you’re having been there.  On every object you touch you leave a mark — that object is no longer the way it was, but it has been changed… (click the link to read the rest)​the-fingerprints-of-mom/

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  73. Sylvia Jo says:

    Reblogged this on Sylvia Jo and commented:
    I’ve really enjoyed the insights and quotes shared on Make It Ultra. I’m so impressed that he’s invited so many to share posts on his page.

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  74. Nicolle says:

    Reblogged this on Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert and commented:
    Hey, everyone, join the club and share your best blog post at Make it Ultra™; Thanks Eric for doing this.

    I’d say my best blog post is Collaboration with a Purpose: Loss – My Cat’s Death, Realisation and Goodbye ( It’s the most heartfelt one I’ve ever written, plus it was the first time I collaborated with 9 other incredible bloggers. 😀

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  75. CurtxBone says:

    “Take a Deep Breath” is a blog post I was inspired to write about simply gathering Yourself in troubling times. God gave us a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7) and gives us life through breath (job 33:4). We can always control our narrative to positively think and act through any situation 🙏🏾

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  76. Michael S. Osborn says:

    This is a short testimony of my life and the beginning of an autobiography. I think that most people will consider the life of a homeless veteran to be very interesting. Keep coming back and I’ll be adding to this site. The link is:

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  77. quendylynne says:

    My most popular post was my latest one. I’m a new blogger, and I post about random things in my life related to my journey as a middle aged caregiver to my husband who has cancer and my own struggles with health and happiness! 😊Please read, comment, and follow if you like my writing! Salute – quendy lynne

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  78. femmemia says:

    Didn’t get much attention here on WordPress, but this post caused a lot of duscussion between me and my friends and family. 🙂 frie

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  79. A. White says:

    A great idea and thanks for creating it. This is one of my most popular posts beside those about the series. “Good Hearted People.”

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  80. Restroom hygiene – Who would want to use the disgusting bin that is loaded with others used items in plain view and risk coming into contact with them? Instead people will flush the items, throw them on the floor or just pile them on top of the bin leading to a cleaning or plumbing nightmare. Here’s some information on how to keep restrooms healthy, clean and sanitary.

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