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Specializing in a solution focused and results driven approach to psychotherapy


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73 responses to 2017 Guestbook

  1. intothefire2017 says:

    Happy New Year MIU! Thank YOU and your contributors for all the amazing posts. Your blog is my favorite. Keep up the great work and thank you so much for caring about the content you present to your readers! You really have helped me in my life!

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  2. prior.. says:

    I do not get to come here as much as I’d like, but enjoy your posts so much – and when i am scrolling the WP Reader- it is always a pleasure to skim a post.

    I like the variety you offer – not just in content, but the different voices with various guest posters.
    Also, I was pretty impressed when a post came out offering possible “help” and wellness services for folks. What a great resource to have available and I am not sure how the MakeItUltra Business actually is connected to this – but your posts are a rich resource and I have suggested the blog to a few people – and will share it with others as needed.
    One person I sent here is a teen – growing and hungry.
    Another was a guy – older – trying to improve health and contentment.
    There have been a few more, but I just wanted you to know that….
    and lastly, the posts are usually a perfect length and just so inspiring.

    Best wishes

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  4. erpittari says:

    greetings! i just started following you yesterday, and already i am thankful for
    a) topics others don’t bring up (like needing to be validated through social media) and
    b) clear concise insight easily understood and processed.
    thank you for this blog and your insight. i believe it makes a difference.

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  5. cristina61 says:

    I really enjoy your blog, and I’ve shared some of your inspirational posts with family and friends. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

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  6. Addy D'Marko says:

    I’ve been following since fall 2016, I love what you and your contributors have done here. I look forward to reading your future posts.

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  7. I am new to your blog. Enjoyed every post I read. Thank you for the positive guidance and motivation to help people, one may find your posts helpful and/or educational.

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  8. Kylee Kurto says:

    Your work is motivating as well as informative. Been a follower for months and have read almost every post! Your success drives me to keep writing! You should know you are inspiring to many, many people ☺️

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  9. Thanks for this blog. The information is very useful and inspiring, especially since I suffer from anxiety and depression.. I look forward to reading it in it’s entirety. I can relate to so much of this.

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  10. mindelate says:

    I’ve come across your blog only recently as I am fairly new on WordPress. But I was instantly drawn in by the quality of the content and range of subjects that are discussed. I think you’re doing an excellent job and clearly by all the comments you have received on this guestbook, we all enjoy reading everything you come up with!

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  11. Dom says:

    Great photos as usual. Great motivating posts. Excellent to start a new day when you feel down. Let me say you have a great way to communication and, maybe, you even know how marketing works 😊😎😆

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  12. sandymancan says:

    In these demanding times of cumulative pressures your blog strikes me as a self help community sounding board for ideas and technique to make things better, we all can use a helping hand sometimes that for sure..

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  13. Really only had time to skim through parts of your blog but thus viewed, i.e. even from such a superficial vantage-point, your blog looks impressive. All the best for the future, Peter

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  14. colettebytes says:

    I get a lot of thoughtful ideas about how to live life from your blog. Insight into behaviours is very useful especially when dealing with relationships. Thanks.

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  15. Lydia Gomez says:

    Just became aware of your blog. Will take time to go through everything (yes, I plan on checking everything out). So far, I’ve liked the few things that I’ve read. That’s why I’ve decided to Follow you.

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