About Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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Dr. Perry started blogging to support the online community by sharing psycho-educational information. His intention is to motivate, inspire and uplift anyone who visits.

In professional practice, Dr. Perry specializes in a solution-focused and results-driven approach to treating depression, anxiety, relationship issues and narcissistic abuse. His therapeutic aim is to create a health-promoting environment that makes healing inevitable. He combines mindfulness with Western evidenced-based techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mind Map Therapy and Jungian Therapy.

He is certified in Mind Map Therapy, a very easy-to-use and powerful tool for illustrating how childhood wounds are manifested in your present-day life. It is especially effective in helping individuals process and heal from past emotional injuries.

Dr. Perry’s office is located in Sherman Oaks, CA. Online video sessions are available for those who prefer the convenience of working from home. To contact him for a free initial consultation please email contact@makeitultra.com.

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
M.A. in Clinical Psychology
B.A. in Psychology

Former President of Psi Chi Honors Society

Former President of Ph.D. graduate class
Black Belt in Taekwondo

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