Go Ahead, Make Me Better.

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34 responses to Go Ahead, Make Me Better.

  1. Lively Life says:

    So what you’re saying is…. that you are constantly making yourself more ultra then the ultra you were.
    like.. making ultra, more ultraier all the time. 😀 Yes yes?! Hehehehe.

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    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      Hi Connie! This attitude is a must for me as I push through with this dissertation I am working on. I have 3 committee members each diligently making sure that my content is sound. It’s quite insane! lol 🙂 The way I am deciding to look at it is.. If I give them my best and they give me feedback on how to make it better.. How great is that!? That just means I can improve! They won’t always be there to give me feedback. This dissertation challenge won’t last forever. And, their diligence and effort is really to my advantage to grow as a writer. Wishing you well! Thanks for the comment!

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  2. One of my students told me he found I rambled a lot and that I was hard to follow sometimes and gave a really clear example of when I had done it and how it was hard to follow. While this wasn’t easy feedback to hear and perhaps wasn’t delivered in the most tactful way, he was right and now I have something to work on.

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  3. I love seeing your posts, they always seem so relevant to whatever I was thinking during the day almost like I’ve found a conclusion to my thoughts. I am always left feeling so motivated afterwards as well. Thank you very much, I hope that whatever process your using for self improvement is a fun and happy one. I feel like it’s best when it’s addictive haha 🙂

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    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      thank you for sharing this! It is extremely motivating to hear positive feedback from what I am posting here 🙂

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  4. Singledust says:

    receiving negative criticism is hard especially if you are a perfectionist or see yourself as one. but wise is the person who can take it and improve on themselves, not in anger but with renewed power. beautiful quote for all of us.

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  5. That was my advice to my kids (Father’s be good to your daughters on my site I belive) was to be better every day! Better than me! That’s all we can hope for

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  6. None Other Then Hannah says:

    Over the last three years sense Mercy Ministries (For self injury that I’ve been free from for three years) I’ve been walking out the tools given while there here in the life after. I’ll say as God’s been saying to me for three years now: “Lighten Up!” 🙂

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  7. Yes, everyone should be looking to do self-improvement, it is what I teach and encourage others to do. I work on myself too. Once you start accepting and understanding yourself and others life becomes easier. Only you can make yourself better, with all the will and help in the world the effort has to come from within yourself.

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  8. heartandsoul777 says:

    you grow as you are meant and take in everything you need the universe makes sure of that…as far as me making you better not possible you are as good as you are right for an exact reason! you will make you ‘better’ you will grow your own self of this i have no doubt! all my words or anyone else’s words can do is carry you for a minute or two you will decide your own self what to keep hold of …isnt life incredible like that?!

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  9. awabizda says:

    Perfect!…Its one thing to be criticised, and its one thing to take it not minding the form and manner in which it comes. Its a nice thing to look at criticism like criticism and not as a stain on your “spotless” pride…that would go a long way in making you a better person.

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  10. sargondorsai says:

    It’s so hard to receive truly constructive criticism. As a writer of primarily science fiction and fantasy, I get criticized all the time. Not a problem. However, the people who just say, “I didn’t like it” don’t really help me improve and make it better. I love learning how to make my writing (or gaming, projects or anything else I’m working on) better and love talking about it with others. I only hope that we can be constructive when we’re talking about things.

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