How Are You Living?

19 responses to How Are You Living?

  1. I.B. says:

    Great quote! Everyday I try to live the best that I can. If I were to die today I would hope that I would be remember as a strong woman who loved and overcame a lot! Thank you Dr Perry!

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  2. Mae says:

    Another great quote! I love all the quotes you post and taking the time to make them look so pretty ❤️

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  3. Elia says:

    If I am honest with myself I am still living scared. I’m living scared that I won’t have enough money, time, love, … pretty much enough of anything. I need to start having confidence in myself. I need to stop hiding. I need to step outside of my comfort zone. I need to do all of this while I still have the time to do it. Thank you for posting about this topic Dr. Perry. It definitely made me think.

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  4. Ernie G says:

    Well there is so much to life that it can be tough to take it all in. Do I spend more time with my pets? Do I send thank you notes and I love you’s to my friends, family? No if I did that they would wonder whats up with me. Do I spend all my money today? Lots of decisions here. Seriously Doctor what I do is work on my manuscript to complete it so I can leave the world a bit of wisdom that hopefully will help move it in a more loving direction. Kind of what you do for us all everyday. But just in case I catch the next train to heaven tonight I want you to know I appreciate all your caring efforts to help us all. I love you Dr Perry. I think we all do.

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  5. Awesome quote….I am trying to step forward but don’t know a good direction at this point. Hopefully when I take the step it will be in the right direction….too many barriers, clouds in the way, waiting for the clouds to break and see the light (sunshine) to follow.

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  6. horizondance says:

    I guess it is a very complex answer to give. After three years I am giving myself permission to dream, act, be myself, even considering the idea of trying to build the life I want. It is so hard to even fathom the fact that I can actually do it that my subconscious screams and feels like it is threatened. A big change is coming, and I need to be reminded that I can live my life on purpose, and that the only way to achieve it is through fear. Feeling uncomfortable and finally have the courage to be myself.

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  7. KD says:

    I was just thinking about this saying the other day, on my birthday. I thought how much better the saying would be if it were “live like every day is your birthday.” I feel like if I were staring down death, I wouldn’t be as inclined to live my best life, because it would be almost over. But when it was my birthday, the whole day was a celebration. I went about business like usual but I was able to find the good in the day, even though it was still hidden among the muck. That’s how I think life should be lived, as if every day is a celebration.

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