Letting Go

34 responses to Letting Go

    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      Thank you so much for your comment and I concur! There is no room for negativity in ones life!✨


  1. matthewheggs says:

    Expectations. Expectations lead to regret. Regret leads to the construction of a contingency plan to avoid future regret. Contingencies often do not go to plan, leading to further regret and contingencies. That’s my idea of the perpetual cycle of anxiety and depression. Anxiety being the contingencies and depression being the regret of the failed contingency.

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  2. GeekyGirl36 says:

    Control/Order – Life is inheritly​ messy, trying to control everything or having everything in perfect order just puts added and unneeded stress in life.

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    • “stop trying to control everything and just let go” -Tyler Durden. I can totally relate to you here, expectations drag me down a bit, feel like they go hand and hand with control/order

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      • GeekyGirl36 says:

        I can see how expectations go hand in hand with control/order, but when I think of the word expectation, my mind goes to how I think a situation/person would be. An example is you meet a person who you think would be a good friend and ends up being toxic or you expect a promotion at work because of your hard work and a coworker gets it instead. Ether way, both of our ideas are great things to let go. 🙂

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  3. Rajat malik says:

    If I would, I would just remove the fear which I face from facing any situation probably only in the beginning though. May be most of the people suffer from this. But the fear crush us down, throwing us into a deep well for sometime and we know that we’ve to bounce back but simply we can’t. I would never remove the pain and sufferings though because that’s what define us as a human being.

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