Limitation is Nothing.

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16 responses to Limitation is Nothing.

      • velmadunkin says:

        Love your blogs and all the positive things you have to say. I hope you don’t mind but I shared your post on my Facebook and Twitter page. I’m a John Maxwell team member and I’m sure this will be appreciated by many.

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        • MakeItUltra™ says:

          Hi! You are too kind! I appreciate very much you sharing! Please know that I tend to re-post quite often and my links tend to die out because of it. I like to always keep things moving on this blog 🙂 If you decide to share again, please share as it is quite possibly the only thing on this blog besides myself that will stay constant.

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  1. Iman Refaat says:

    Honestly when I used to read or hear such words I took them lightly and thought they were just meant to motivate people. Last September, I decided to chase my childhood dream of writing a novel. It took me 9 months of daily work, I needed to learn, read, be mentored, to stumble and stand up higher and at the end of my journey, having my manuscript in my hands, I became a loyal believer that there is no such a thing called limitations.

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  2. Dee says:

    Limitation is something I’m not quick to accept unless I’ve exhausted all possibilities. Many years ago (can’t believe I remember this) a boy in my class told out teacher he “can’t do it” when asked to do a problem on the chalkboard. Her response was “Can’t is a fellow that never tried”. For some reason her words stayed with me as I became an adult and has been my personal mantra. So I’m not one to accept limitations easily.

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