Live a Full Life

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  1. What if I start my life without a snooze button but often end with television? I’m curious because I like to end my day silently with a movie or tv show so I can decompress. Is this unhealthy or no?

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    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      Hi wandlesswanderer. I wouldn’t say it is unhealthy. This is not necessarily to be taken literally. More of a suggestion to live our lives outside the confinements of technology and mundane structure.

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    • I find sometimes a break in our usual routines can spark beautiful things and bring new awareness. I often would refer to myself as a creature of habit.
      I have found even though I sometimes avoid addressing the daily events, and thought I needed the comfort of my daily rituals, when I withdraw and deliberately choose a new routine I find it to be helpful and am usually glad I did.
      In the end though only you can truly understand and know what works for your life 🙂
      with Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela

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    • Its funny as my days also starts with a snooze and ends mostly with TV . I don’t know if its right , but its the only time I get some leisure to watch TV .

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  2. mysticrevolutionary says:


    I have been going through growing pains from transforming my life and reading this just gave me momentum.

    Thank you for creating this message!

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  3. Roni Wegner says:

    SO agree with this. People are always amazed when I say get up early to go to the gym & really don’t like TV. It is a waste of a living breathing moment!

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