No Perfect Answer

22 responses to No Perfect Answer

  1. Anna says:

    Life is not black or white. There is a lot of gray areas.. as well as blue, pinks and whole rainbow in the middle. That’s what makes it interesting! Thank you Dr Perry! Happy friday ❤️

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  2. Weiss-Nix says:


    A Japanese Concept, Philosophy & Aesthetics that cherish the Beauty of Being Perfectly Imperfect. I tried to explain it in my Blog “The Red Box” and was a bit challenged.

    Yes, I am living wabi-sabi, definetely.

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      • Weiss-Nix says:

        You`re welcome. Please, enjoy the imperfetion of my English language skills….it`s authentic and therefore truly beautiful according to the wabi sabi concept… 😉

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        • Dr. Perry says:

          Hello! I just read it. It is such a beautiful concept. I am far from perfect and I too am wabi sabi. Thank you for sharing!✨

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  3. I think this is a great dispensation for those overachievers who are seeking perfection in every situation. Excellence is a wonderful aspiration but should not obsess the minds of our good people that perfection must be achieved. As you point out so well, sometimes it doesn’t exist.

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  4. Vivian says:

    Thank you for this quote! There is such a feeling of peace in knowing that I can let go of the questions concerning my life and give them over to God. God bless you!

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