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27 responses to Self-kindness

  1. I treated myself to a movie today (I rarely go to movies). Anyway, I saw “Beauty and the Beast,” and found myself reflecting on one of your previous posts about narcissism – in fact, I’m reading a book on the topic now.

    If you have the opportunity to watch the movie – and you don’t have issues with Disney flicks – I would encourage you to watch the film and observe it from a psychological perspective.

    Of course, if you’re not a Disney fan, then perhaps watching the film would not be an exercise in self-kindness. 😀

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    • The same happened with me!! I treated myself with some popcorn and some alone movie time- the same movie – beauty and the beast! And I actually got a streak of innocence and I went into a totally different world of Belle which was full of kindness !

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    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      that actually sounds wonderful! Our lives get so busy its rare to get a quiet moment!

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  2. Singledust says:

    interesting question Eric, as always making us think more about self-love. We can be our worst critic and hard when we even fall a little short. I think we need to pamper ourselves more doing things that are kind to us and make us better people. Healthy lifestyle and feeding the mind and soul should be our goal. Thank you for starting a lovely thought.

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    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      hi Singledust, I think self-love is an important part of our existence. I often think of all the negative things we could eliminate if there was only more self-love. Thank you so much for your comment and have a wonderful day!

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  3. Yesterday, i met my boyfriend after work, and we sat outside in the Spanish sun and I enjoyed a glass of wine 🙂 I felt so happy to be able to enjoy a glass of wine (after getting over some nasty side effects from some medication). I also felt happy to be living in such a lovely city and have such a wonderful boyfriend. I was kind to myself yesterday 🙂

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  4. Postivfworld says:

    I try to be kind to myself but i definitely am not anywhere near enough, i think i am in the mindset where i would rather be kind to others first, i really should go easier on myself more!! Thank you for this post and making me think about it!

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