Mind Map™ Therapy for Depression

Disclaimer: The Mind Map™ System should only used with the guidance of a Mind Map™ Therapist



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11 responses to Mind Map™ Therapy for Depression

    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      Hi Rayne, please note that this model should only be used by clinicians who have received training in MindMap™ Therapy ✨ Thank you for your comment!

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  1. jillybeans5 says:

    Intriguing! Thank you for the overview! This small amount of info illuminates many things in my life. A full application of this therapy would be incredibly insightful!

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  2. This helped me recognise the concepts my TA therapist is guiding me through. I’ll send her the link, I think she’ll enjoy it.
    It’s amazing to realise that my triggers are minor event that snowball into chaos. It’s a profound process.

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