Mental Health Exercise: Affirm Your Future

Hello there,

Step 1: I would like to invite you to share in the comments section your short-term or long-term goal or goals. Don’t be shy. This is a safe space where judgment is never permitted.

Step 2: After you list your goal, I would like you to list one or more steps that need to be taken to move you toward achieving your goal. Think deeply and choose steps that have been most impacted by procrastination. You might even list why you have been procrastinating. I am a firm believer that affirmation statements are supremely helpful in promoting positive change in our lives.

Step 3: Lastly, please write a commitment statement about how you intend to follow through with the steps you listed. Also, include a way you plan to reward yourself when you take this step. Be as detailed and creative as possible. And, remember to have fun!

Here is one of my goals, steps and commitment statement.

Goal: I really need to renew my passport. I will be traveling oversees later this year and need to have my passport renewed before I leave. My flight and hotel are already booked so this is something that needs to happen soon.

Step(s): The first step that needs to be taken is for me to print out the paperwork to send in the renewal. The second step and third step is to fill it out and then send it in. In my commitment statement I will keep it as simple as possible just to make sure I actually follow through. Here goes!

Commitment Statement: I am committing myself to printing out the renewal paperwork first thing tomorrow. My reward will be a lovely hike with my beautiful lady. Once I print the paperwork I can plan to take the other two steps. The first step tends to be the most difficult!

Ok, now it’s your turn!

Ready? Set. Go!
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20 responses to Mental Health Exercise: Affirm Your Future

  1. GOAL: I need to work more on my site Le Marche Magic and add more posts.
    STEPS: I need to, go out and about taking photos and writing posts.. I need to get back on track, my other travels took me way off track and my focus.
    COMMITMENT STATEMENT: Tuesday I must go to Fermo, and take photos and go to town hall and do a pice on this village….wait… also on Porto S. Giorgio . Then edit pic, write post edit again and post… my reward is feeling completed… I originally wanted to do 2 posts a week but that was hard and took a lot out of me… so now after a month away, I will start with 1 post a week…. I am sure I will have more soon cause I have many visitors coming.

    Thank you I needed to put this out there instead of just mulling it around in my mind. I have worked a bit on my other site.
    but that is fun not business …. So I need to get focused !!!!
    Thank you aging for this post….. and go get that Passport.. and you both get ur butts over here and have fun!!!! I don’t know where ur going but my site above has Italy, France & Spain so far in it…

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    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      Thank you so much for participating! We are going to France in August and I can’t wait 🙂 I will check out your other WordPress ✨✨✨

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      • France is Beautiful and the food is just out of this world, can’t go wrong. Been to Paris once gorgeous, but I know the south of France well we did it in camper a few times and I lived there back in the 90’s. Enjoy!

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  2. Goal: I need to work on my blog and my other writing. I keep putting it off because I do feel confident enough or good enough.
    Steps: I am going to plan my posts in advance and schedule time to write. Make notes of my ideas and inspiration.
    Commitment statement: Try to believe in myself.

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  3. LJ says:

    Very interesting! Getting your passport sorted might be s bit of a pain but it will be worth it.
    As for myself,
    Step 1: Long term goal- to advance my banking career
    Step 2: Apply for more senior positions in the organisation, sit advanced banking qualifications to compliment my standard ones, do more banker blog posts
    Step 3
    Commitment Statement: I am committing myself to accepting but not dwelling on the bad press the industry is subject to. Instead my energies will be used focusing on what I enjoy and advancing career. My reward for achieving this by the end of the year will be 1) to take two weeks off and play through the long list of games I havent touched from LAST Christmas. 2) Finally join the Lothian Wine School and go to their tastings.

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  4. Nicolle says:

    Ooh, sounds fun! Here’s mine.

    Goal: Okay, so I have two short stories that I’ve been stuck at for the last two years, even though I’m only like 8,000 words away from completing them and subsequently completing the short story collection! I’d like to finish writing them soon, preferably in May. 📖

    Step(s): Well, this is a bit tricky, since writing doesn’t come in steps. But this time I have a new way to go about it! Since writing the first short story doesn’t seem to be going well, this time I’ll try writing the second short story first, then the second. Hopefully it works!

    Commitment Statement: I’m committing myself to start planning the second short story today, and finish writing the opening and ending paragraphs this week (that’s usually the hardest). My reward will be that fantastic feeling that I get when finally the story is going somewhere! (And an ice cream wouldn’t hurt. 😛) In the coming weeks I’ll finish writing the second short story, then I’ll be able to write the first one better!

    Hope you’ll get your passport done soon, Eric. 😀

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  5. Chrysolyte says:

    Goal: For my writing career to build and to be exposed. Mentoring and Motivational Speaking.
    Steps: What I need to do: become more commitment and continue to stay in the mode of my preparation for opportunity. Overcoming my fear and distractions.
    Commitment: I need to post daily and continue to write daily on my other writing goals. I need to copyright and trademark. I have requested my the membership into NJ/NY Writers Group and Mentor Programs.
    Reward: I will treat myself with a Hike as well. I’m always in need of a quality workout and scenery.

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    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      Hiking is a great reward! Best of luck on our journey Chrysolyte! 🌟


  6. Nur Amalia says:

    Goal: I want to make a minimum 4 post a month.
    Step: I have to make a schedule about what next post I have to write.
    Reward: with post consistently I’ll get more viewer and visitors.

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  7. Goal: I need to start writing tackling some negative thought patterns that undermine my confidence.
    Step: Find a good therapist, practice mindfulness and work on raising awareness of the root of these thoughts.
    Reward: Start attending family gatherings and generally improve self-estemm.

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  8. hunnybee73 says:

    My situation is a bit complicated. First of all I have many goals short and long term. Many are based on based on or around things i really dont have much control of.
    Example is in my post “A solution to Tommorow ”
    The first step for me is to list the goals I do have control of, and prioritize what is of most importance. For instance my blog. It is a priority and as such I need to set aside time daily to work on it.
    The reward will be gaining new followers who will also hopefully become friends.
    Now i just need to do this for numerous other goals in life.

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  9. Chantel says:

    Goal: I need to lose 50 pounds that I’ve allowed to creep onto my petite frame. I have no more room. It has to stop.
    Commitment: Clean eating, no soda, no chips and stop stop stop eating emotionally!

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  10. Ooh, I like the idea!

    Goal: I want to start applying for jobs. I’m graduating in two months as a Master in Clinical Psychology and I’ve been holding off getting really into the proces of finding a job.
    Steps: I need to start with subscribing to some websites with job listings. I need to update my CV and write some general motivation letters. Then I need to put myself out there and just go for it.
    Commitment: Tonight, I’ll update my CV and let it proof read by a friend. Later this week, I’ll select some of the job listings and write one or two bases for a motivation letter. Then I can move on to the other steps and hopefully get an interview!

    Let’s go!

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