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Hi Everyone,

We originally posted this in honor of Valentine’s Day 2017. We received so many beautiful love stories that it would be a shame to delete them. We are going to permanently keep this post to continue spreading love and positivity. Love should be expressed year round not just on one day out of the year. Please continue to share your love stories in the comments section and help us create a memorial to love.


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72 responses to Share Your Love Story

  1. thestepmomma says:

    we met at church about 6 years ago, but didn’t ever really talk unless we were in meetings. then for some reason about 3 1/2 years ago, we just started talking. he would text me while he was hunting (which is a BIG no no in his book), i would text him while i was in class. eventually i invited him to my Christmas party, which ended up being him and two of our friends. he brought me a Christmas gift and we hung out by ourselves for new years. a couple weeks later, we went to a winter festival and he told me he wanted to take me on a real date and hugged me good night. i smiled a lot. we dated, i fell for him and his kiddos. he told me he loved me for the first time in a text message (WHAT?!) and i said it for the first time when i signed my name in his birthday card- we are shy. shortly after that, we started having marriage talks. real ones. we asked each other questions for a couple weeks, maybe months, relating to marriage. he asked my dad and a couple weeks later he took me out to his pond and got on one knee, in the snow, and asked if i would be his wife. we got married 5 weeks later and have been married almost two years. he’s my best friend, my other half and my entire world. it’s been really great getting to be the one who wakes up to him every day and to help raise his boys. the day after valentines day is the day of our first official date, about 3 years ago.

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  2. After a few months of dating, we met for a coffee during my lunch break. As I got up I intended to say ‘Goodbye.’ Somehow I said ‘I love you.’ She looked as shocked as I felt… 11 years on and it is still true, I still love her.

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    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      I know so many people that have met their one and only online. It gives you an opportunity to people you may not have met otherwise . Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day

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  3. The first time I met Morris

    (We were married 36 years until my husband died from young-onset Alzheimer’s disease 6 1/2 years ago. I cared for him for 10 years and was compelled to help other caregivers feel happier, healthier, sleep better, and cope with feelings of guilt and grief. It’s all in the book–“Calmer Waters: The Caregiver’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s & Dementia” —My story, 20 healing modalities, essays by other caregivers, and more. Available wherever books are sold and online at Amazon.)

    I waited until the crowd thinned and approached the stage where Morris had just given an introductory lecture on Transcendental Meditation. It was 1972, and I was 19 years old with waist-length, lustrous, chestnut hair scented from lemon shampoo. I wore patched jeans, an inside-out baby blue sweatshirt, and knee-high, lace-up moccasins. I had fallen in love with Transcendental Meditation (TM), which I learned several months before transferring as a second semester biology major to the University of Colorado in Boulder. The semester had just begun and I didn’t have any friends. I was lonely for the first time in my life.So I went to the TM lecture on campus with high hopes of connecting with the meditating community.
    Morris was a celebrated TM teacher who had just returned from a course taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in La Antilla, Spain. He spent a month there meditating and listening to lectures about the Vedas (Sanskrit holy books), and he was beaming like a child who was about to share his magic tricks with a roomful of thrill-seekers. He appeared goofy with his wire-rimmed glasses, camel corduroy jacket (patched at the elbows), reddish moustache, and medium-length curly brown hair. The audience, filled with college students and Boulderites, loved it when he punctuated his paragraphs with a giggle.
    Morris spoke about the benefits of diving deep into pure consciousness with the aid of a mantra (a sound that has beneficial effects on the physiology), and emerging energized and relaxed. The people seemed entranced by the message of attaining a state of peacefulness and living a more successful, happier life. Cindy, another teacher, took the stage when Morris was finished talking. She told the group about the preparatory lecture for those interested in learning TM. Afterwards, I approached the stage where Morris and I exchanged our first words. He asked me to help with the meditation initiations on the weekend and I agreed.
    That was the beginning of a friendship—which was, more or less, like a teacher-student relationship—that lasted several years before we became romantically involved. Our relationship took root in the spiritual practice we shared, and grew steadily as we eventually taught TM together and went to meditation retreats. No matter what happened throughout the years, whether we saw eye-to-eye on various issues or disagreed, we shared the same spiritual values and practice that nourished our souls.
    So when it came time for me to serve Morris as a spiritual caregiver, I understood that the job would require me to fall back into the teacher-student relationship where we began our journey together. I was Morris’s caregiver, but he was again my teacher, making me more aware of my words, my actions, and my thoughts, than ever before. Sometimes I rose to the occasion, and sometimes I failed to listen and act with compassion. It was a challenge to care for him and stay grounded in my spirituality. But I tried, and I continue to try to forgive myself for the times that I failed.

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  4. My husband proposed on the beach on valentine’s day, it was very romantic! After this, we tried to get back to the beach house and ended up getting lost in some hilly swamp, and it was dark and terrifying! We were rescued by my brother in law, thankfully, but it was like the best moment of my life followed by the absolute worst! My brother in law officiated our wedding and told the story about when he “saved our lives” lol. We laugh about it now, but it wasn’t funny then!

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  5. sufilight says:

    I met my soulmate in a spiritual forum. I had just ended a toxic relationship with a wealthy, emotionally abusive alcoholic after I realized I deserved better. I said to myself, “I don’t want to be in another relationship, but if I ever get involved again, I would like for my mate to be spiritual, kind and around my age.” Two months later I met my soul mate on the forum and as we corresponded we both fell in love with each other’s spirit( we both were born on the same year). Two years later, I moved from NY to Oregon to share my life with him. It has been a beautiful union, where we communicate with respect, and live in a state of gratitude for our relationship. We celebrate 14 years of being together this year. 🙂

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  6. Thank you taking me back to the beautiful lane of love memories once again with this post.
    Our love story is little different… started too slowly but once we were in love it was way toooo fast.. 😉 we used to know each other since long but never talked or tried to know each other..not evn we were friends of hi and bye type being in the same set of frnds… one day after four yrs of being strangers in the set of frnds we said hello to each other for the first time. From that day instantly we got connected and started spending time with each othr. Within 6 mnths he proposed to me and i said yes exactly after one week and still going strong. 15feb is our special date… seven long years of togetherness. Still like fresh, new love for us…like it happened yesterday. Thats our beautiful love story.

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  7. Valentine’s day is no longer a couples holiday for me. While I am happily married, and can celebrate with my husband, Valentine’s now belongs to my sons. It was a few days before the holiday (we call it love week) when both my boys were legally adopted from the foster care system. 1 day, and 1 year apart their days happened. So, we celebrate love week…our family celebration.

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  8. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    Well, I started writing poetry everyday one year and realized that I’m not such a monster after all. I’ve experienced pain and it’s changed me, but I can change that too. I’m worthy of my own respect and love as well as other’s.

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  9. I met my fiance in high school. I knew I had to get to know him better when he stood up for me in front of an entire classroom of people when a teacher put me down. That year I asked him to prom, and we’ve been glued to the hip ever since, for almost 6 years.

    He visited me all the time when I got cancer only a year after we started dating. He helped me get through it, and everything that came after. He proposed last year on our anniversary by putting his own fortune in homemade fortune cookies, which he dropped off at PF Chang’s before we went to dinner that night. It was really creative and awesome. We’re getting married this summer!

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    • MakeItUltra™ says:

      Congratulations ! What a beautiful and uplifting story ❤


  10. I went to night club alone before 16 years. All my friends were busy and i wanted so much to go out in Saturday night. I ordered drink and joined to some unknown girls who were dancing in circle. Then i noticed guy in dark blouse who was watching me. He approached to me and asked me can he buy me drink. We sat on the table together and he shown me jokes on his phone, so we were laughing together. After we talked all night he driven me home. He called me next day to go out with him. I fall in love in his eyes and way how he made me smile. He is my husband and he still has great sense for humor and knows how to make me calm.

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  11. fourjworld says:

    Fresh out of college and in a new state, I met my best friend, just did not know it at the time. I avoided dating him for years because he was much older. After a failed marriage, I ran into him again and he asked me out again, this time I said yes. After 10 years of pure happiness. Saying yes to him was the best decision I ever made, because he has showed me everyday the real meaning of true love ❤️ and friendship. Cassandra

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  12. We met at my dads house! My dads girlfriend at the time had a daughter a few years older than me and her husband was best friends with nick(my husband). Things just kind of went from there we exchanged numbers that night and have been basically inseparable ever since. This November 2017 will be three years that we have been together and this July 2017 will be 2 years of marriage. Who knew I’d meet my soul mate in such a simple way?

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  13. My boyfriend and I met about 6 years back and it’s all thanks to good old social media! Facebook to be exact! I never thought I’d meet my love through social media but here we are in a strong and happy relationship! Happy almost Valentine’s Day to all ❤️Wishing everyone a special time not only with your partner but everyone around you!

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  14. jumzdressing says:

    Ammm we first met at my office.. It was the first day after a long study-leave..
    The first day I saw him I knew he’d be the one..
    Things goes quickly and here we are celebrating our 3rd Anniversary in few days with a lovely 2 years old daughter..

    I have many loved family & friends that made my life better..

    Can’t be more happy

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  15. Mrs. Siler says:

    Yaaay! I love these kind of posts! I met my lover online, and we’ve been together ever since. I struggled with the fact that you can actually meet someone who will become your spouse online! So glad I listened to God and went for it! We were perfectly made for each other ❤ #TOJESUS

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  16. Chantel says:

    Around 7 years into working inside a corporate building that housed 4,000 employees, I changed my hours. I was about two years into being a single mom after divorce and decided new hours would help with stress.
    Day one, I was in the elevator around 5:45 in the morning with an extremely handsome man. I smiled at him, but he had a brick wall around him. He looked so angry all the time. After several mornings of us being the only ones in the elevator, I finally broke him into a smile. I got out of him that he was back after a long deployment in Afghanistan, he was 4 years younger than me and he had no children. I was late to work from talking to him. We started having lunch together. Six months later, married. His friends and family say I saved him. I think he saved me.

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  17. nekkieslife says:

    15 years ago, my husband didn’t propose to marry me, he planned everything and the date of our marriage … and I even asked him why he never asked me if i want to marry him or not , he should at least proposed , then he said * dont you like it ? and I was shocked 😳 and i said of course i liked it … hahaha ….. then we got married , we were in our 20’s and still feels like yesterday ……

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  18. anya786 says:

    We met online… we both have blogs. We are best friends, life partners, soulmates and lovers. We love eachother. We both have been through a lot and have learnt from our mistakes. We met when we gave up hope of finding healthy and non toxic love. We are happy & commited. I remember the time when we had spent two weeks together for the first time and he was about to leave one day earlier to sort out few things ( he lives 85 miles away) and get ready for work, he left and came back after 10 minutes saying that he wanted to stay because he loves me so much. It was a special moment as his love shone through 🙂

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  19. Very nice romantic stories. I used to have one, but it ended over three years ago when my husband of 39 years decided marriage wasn’t fun and exciting anymore and was having an affair. What started out to be the most romantic love story became a tragedy. BUT, I am hopeful that a new book, a new story, a new chapter might come my way again. These stories are lovely. Don’t give up on love.

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  20. exoticnita54 says:

    My love ❤️ story..

    I have many ..

    But this one ☝️ is my favorite…

    Met him by mistaken identity…
    thought he was someone else.
    He walked into my store..

    I just keep talking to him like I know him..
    He came back every day after. Until he invited me out.. I accepted..
    And we just clicked and were so much in sync . I fell hard.. love has never being so good 😊 was magical and electrifying..

    Never realized my mistakes until a few months later when the true person walked in ..
    I laughed ..
    and when I asked him why didn’t he let me know it was not him.
    He just smiled and said.. I was so happy to see him that he just love my smile and just wanted to keep me smiling…

    We end up dating and having one of the best love affair of all times..

    We stayed together for apx
    Three years enjoying each other and just loving every moment spent together.

    I lost him to a brain tumor January 2005..

    But.. I’m so thankful for knowing him and loving him…
    life sometimes give beautiful gifts 🎁.. it gave me him..
    Although some gifts can’t be hold your hands..
    but can be hold in your heart ❤️.

    That’s where I keep him…

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  21. I’d been together with a woman for two years. Our relationship had its ups, but more downs. One night, she told me that she was pregnant. On April 26, 2006, I held my daughter in my arms. She was beautiful. And then she looked right into my eyes. That moment was the first sentence in my love story. Her mother is no longer part of it, although we remain good friends. I’ve had the last ten years to live a love story with the most stunning, intelligent, and hilarious girl I’ve ever met. This one just happens to call me “Dad.”

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  22. Rasma R says:

    Back in 1994 after a disasterous first marriage wanted to get away from it all. My mom was an immigrant from Latvia and being in her early 80s wanted to return to her homeland. I saw this as a sign to begin life anew so we left New York City and settled in Riga, Latvia where mom was born and raised before the disaster of WW II. Unfortunately she was not a happy camper, had sclerosis on the brain and died some months before her 85th birthday in 1996. However by this time I had met my soul mate. Martin was born and raised in Riga, Latvia and gone through all the turbulence of Soviet times. Anyway we settled down and I stayed in Latvia and now we have been together 20+ years. We live in the suburbs and have a wonderful adopted cat Sid. As with all love stories wish this had a completely happy ending. Unfortunately due to all the changes here in Latvia we are adrift on a financial sea with no paddle and me longing to get back to my homeland in which hubby has also fallen in love with. We keep living, loving, dreaming and hoping. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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  23. myeduinav says:

    My boyfriend is one of the most precious gifts life made me. This day was supposed to be our first Valentine but .. we live far from each-other. To me, this day is just another day because we celebrate Valentine every day of our life by sharing emotions and expressing how much we mean to one another.

    When I first saw my handsome boy, I never thought I would be in a relationship with him and more.. to fall in love with him like crazy.

    We met in a bar, we had some common friends and they did me a surprise by inviting me without telling who was going to be there. We sat next to each – other and he was a very comfortable person(he still is) , used to laugh a lot and had the gift of making people feel relaxed next to him. We started to hang out more together with our friends until one day when he invited me to have a ride with him. For one moment, our hands touched and I felt like I had butterflies all over my body not only in my stomach lol. That was the moment I realized we will never be apart. He took me to a place with a breathtaking view and gave me the first kiss. I was trembling. Now that I think again, I don’t know what took my breath away,whether the view or the kiss but I’m pretty sure it was the latter.

    Anyway, from that moment till now we are still together, and I hope to be for many many years. We have been through a lot together, we’ve seen each-other struggling, fighting(we’re still fighting) and what’s more important we’ve loved one another to the moon. Actually, we are planning to create our own family and this is our best decision by far. I can’t wait to be his children’s mom, and to give him everything in this life. To not forget, we have done a lot of trips, having an awesome time together, he has completed all of my desires even my stupid ones and he still tries to do his best. He has blessed me with his love and every night I thank God for putting him in my way.

    He is the only road I want to ride and the only destination I want to reach.

    Without him my life is incomplete, at times when he’s not around I feel like I don’t have any more desire to move on, I stop fighting and I start crying. There’s no worse feeling than having someone in your heart and not having him in your arms. He is everything beautiful I have in my life, my precious treasure, my sunshine, fountain of smiles, tears and hope.

    All the notebooks of the world wouldn’t be enough to express how much he means to me, and how proud I am to have him by my side.

    I know that more than our love story I wrote about my feelings but as I feel a little bit lonely today surrounded by too much love around, I couldn’t avoid it. By and large, Happy Valentines everyone, and try to make Valentine each day of your lifes. When there’s true love, every day is a festive day!

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  24. WAY too much to get into (it’s part of a memoir I’ve finished and hoping to get out soon) but man oh man…I’ll just say strongly I believe in love at first sight. He walked into church one Sunday morning as I was sitting down already. That was the first time I saw him. It was one of those times when, if a movie, everything would have gone into slow motion with love music playing. A then close up of him slowing walking in looking for a place to sit. Seems like yesterday to me. But God is good. That day was almost 30 yrs ago and… our 29th anniversary is soon upon us 🙂

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  25. MakeItUltra™ says:

    Hi Evelyn your blog is very interesting. Please take a look at me blog posts. I have one where you can promote your blog 🙂


  26. Cat Harvey says:

    Relationships can be fun, and they can be hard work. The best relationships are a little of both, I would say. I’m lucky enough to have had two chances at love, and I’m currently married to my perfect match. That is to say, the Yin to my Yang.
    We are definitely different. I sometimes explain the relationship by saying “He is retired military, and I am not”. He keeps me grounded and I teach him to laugh at things. He is common sense, I am whimsy. He’s a few years older than me.
    One thing about this journey we travel together. It does not involve v-necks, scoop necks, or crew necks. He insists that women of my age should wear collared shirts. I never saw this one coming 20 years ago. All I can say is thank God that polo shirts count as collared.
    Sometimes I am a real renegade and wear something without a collar. I will wear a crew neck shirt, for instance, when I’m going to the grocery store by myself. He’s horrified by what I wear to get a pedicure, my cut off sweatpants and t-shirt. But when I’m with him, it’s a pretty safe bet that I am wearing a shirt with a collar.
    People look at me funny when I say this. Some roll their eyes, and say that they would never let a man dictate to them what they wear. It violates a person’s individual rights. It’s ridiculous! It’s a form of abuse.
    Here’s the thing… This is not a battle that I care anything about. If it pleases him that I dress conservatively, and wear a collared shirt, it is just not a big deal to me. There are things that mean a lot more, and I will argue until the end on these topics. Going forward, for the rest of my life, I will only buy collared shirts.
    He does some things that irritate me, but not a lot of things, and not a lot of irritation. I’m sure he would say the same about me. Most people have qualities that we love about them. Then they will have some traits or habits… not so much! On the big issues, we see eye to eye. We work together on most things. We didn’t always, but we do now.
    He supports my job, he supports my hobby, and encourages me to do everything I want to do. He doesn’t send me flowers, except sometimes on Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary. But, he pulled his back out to surprise me with a big, fat Christmas tree this past weekend. I came home from work, and it was up with lights on it. Magical! He sometimes helps me see things from a different angle. I think that is a big plus. Two heads are better than one when it comes to a lot of issues. I persuade him to my point of view on some things.
    I don’t have a PhD in psychology. But, I know that when you’re in a relationship, you have to decide for yourself which points are the ones you won’t budge on. If everything bothers you, and you’re fighting all the time, reconsider your relationship. If everything is great all the time, you are living in a TV sitcom from the 1950’s.
    Editing this, it looks like a testimony to my relationship with my husband. The point I am trying to make is that sometimes you have to stand up and make your feelings known. At other times, you just put on a collared shirt and get on with things.
    – Cat

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  27. So i just Saw this post and thought why not share my love story.
    My story started i think now almost 4 , Maybe 5years back. I was at a sport Activity. Where me and some other of my friends where going to. At that time i was in a deep depression. During the sport Activity (and im totally not good at Sports) i was placed in a team with this boy i never met before. During that day we had lots of fun and i Just thought he could be the one to help me get out of my depression.
    After the sport Activity was over. We didnt kept in touch at all. I even forgot his name. Almost 7 months later there was this other activity, sort of like a party in the evening and Just hanging out during the day.
    Then my niece introduced me to one of her Friends (the boy i met during the sport). He and I, it was Just instantly a klik. For us it was love at first sign.
    So this time we did get in touch and within i think 2 weeks we where officially a couple. And we have been together ever since. What i heared later from him that during our first meeting he was like: damn thats such a kind girl. But at that time he Just got out of a relationship.

    And yes this boy helped me get out of my depression and i helped him with his problems. We have been together through good and bad Times. And we have had some pretty bad Times, which make the good even more amazing.

    This is my love story short version.
    Love is sometimes a curse, but mostly the greatest blessing in my life.

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