How to Gray Rock The Narcissist
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14 responses to How to Gray Rock The Narcissist

  1. Very well done! I appreciate this advice, and I agree with the quote at the end about change and healing. I find that it may not benefit someone to heal. Pain serves a purpose in some way. That’s the journey… Healing is a process.

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  2. richardjalba says:

    I’ve definitely been gaslighted before – I highly suggest everyone watch this video to know how to emotionally defend yourself. I would also suggest that you look up ‘how to know if i’m with a narcissist’.

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  3. To the point. Excellent advice.

    Yes, you’re right. Many of us who have suffered at the hands of a narcissist don’t make changes because of fear, among other factors (in my case, a child.) However, many of us end up taking that much-needed step once the fear of staying the same is stronger than the fear of change.

    Concerning gray rock, yes, it is not easy to master it. But rewarding when effective. The only thing to be aware of is when you have children and you’re still together. The narcissist will look for the closest and easiest supply replacement and those are usually the children under the same roof. The younger the child, the more vulnerable and easier to become the new supply. Be careful that your child doesn’t become victim to the narcissist in your life due to your gray rock. It’s the only thing I would add to this video. However, that is a whole topic in and of itself that may need to be talked about separately.

    I’ll be sharing your post on my blog. Thank you for having put this video together.

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  4. Really useful tips on here! And so succinctly put! Thank you so much for this 😊. My mom’s mom is a narcissist, too, and my mom–a very sweet and intelligent lady–was severely damaged by the mind-games and weirdness that my grandmother exhibited. I only wish you had existed back when my mom was younger 😉💚💙

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  5. dimdaze says:

    Pure genius. Thank you. I wish I had known this a while back when I was working with two narcissists. I’m going to re-blog this video

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  6. Elisabeth says:

    Really good comments! I’ve had to do this more than once with narcissistic people and it was very hard, but definitely worth it. At the end of the day, my mental health comes first!

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