Mental Health Exercise: A Letter of Self-Compassion

Hello there, I would like to share with you an exercise to promote self-compassion. It is important to treat ourselves with care and concern when confronted by mistakes, failures and perceived shortcomings. In this exercise I would like you to choose an aspect of yourself that you dislike or criticize. It can be behavior, appearance, health, relationship or anything else that you struggle to accept about yourself. Feel free to do this exercise on your own or even in the comments section.Read more

Mental Health Exercise: Affirm Your Future

Hello there, Step 1: I would like to invite you to share in the comments section your short-term or long-term goal or goals. Don’t be shy. This is a safe space where judgment is never permitted. Step 2: After you list your goal, I would like you to list one or more steps that need to be taken to move you toward achieving your goal. Think deeply and choose steps that have been most impacted by procrastination. You might even list whyRead more