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1. Short and Sweet
We like pieces that are easy for our readers to skim through and read.

2. Motivational and Inspirational
Your piece should be uplifting. We are looking for motivational, inspirational posts.

3. Take Away Messages
There should be something simple the readers can “take away” from your post. Remember the second point: motivational and inspirational.

We are looking for people who can write simple “how to’s” and tips for people suffering from (insert condition).

Examples of this would be:
5 tips for reducing anxiety
10 tips for managing stress
7 tips for when depression becomes too much

Those are some examples of what we are looking for and what our guidelines are.

If you feel you meet these guidelines and can write a post, or even already have a blog post that meets these criteria please use the FORM below or email us at

MakeItUltra™ is a community-based blog that looks to improve our reader’s lives through simple psychology techniques and raise awareness about mental health issues. A Master’s Degree or PhD is not required to write for us. We encourage people with diverse backgrounds and stories to submit.

Not all submissions will be published. If your submission is chosen, you will be notified.

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